Memorial: Work by Venezuelan Diaspora Artists

The Khyber Centre For The Arts, Halifax, SN. January 2020

Curated by: Camila Salcedo.

Exhibiting artists: Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz, Andrea Dudier, denirée isabel, Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti, Camila Salcedo and Cecilia Salcedo.

"This exhibition features work by young Venezuelan artists who have immigrated and are creating work within the context of Canada: Ana Luisa Bernardez Notz, denirée isabel, Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti, Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, Cecilia Salcedo, Camila Salcedo; and Andrea Dudier, who is currently living and making within the context of Argentina."

Text by: Camila Salcedo.

Photographs by: Verónica Gutiérrez.

Funded by Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant.

Design by: Cecilia Salcedo

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