Fabricated Realities 

Fabricated Realities is an ongoing investigation into historical and political events in Venezuela occurring over the past twenty years. This approach relies on relevant symbolizations and iconographies that echoes the result of an ever-lasting undemocratic government. Though these works are inevitably subjective due to the artist’s personal knowledge and experiences, researching the current and past Venezuelan political climates has allowed him to step beyond these personal experiences. Political and social events have been deconstructed and re-imagined as scenes that depict moments in time, molded by re-emerged collective memories and presently watching as an outsider in Canada. Influenced by the conventions and staged poses of tableau vivant, digital composites were created using both taken and found photographs. The idea of collage and reality, speaks to the arduous and constant manipulation Venezuela has undergone and how its destiny took an unfortunate twist. The general goal of this series is to expose the government’s actions and to start conversations about the corruption that has been taking place, affecting all citizens of Venezuela.

The artist would like to thank all of the photographers, reporters and amateurs who documented current issues in the country, without them this series would not be possible. I would also like to praise their courage and bravery in these sensitive and dangerous times. 

Alejandro Rizzo Nervo 2019 

Dismissing Knowledge - 42"x42" - Inkjet Print 

Hyperinflation - 42"x42" - Inkjet Print

Protest - 42"x42" - Inkjet Print

Untitled - 42"x140" - Inkjet Print

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